Wealth Creation Strategies for a Secure Future in SA​

Unlock the path to financial abundance with Nouveau Wealth Management’s Wealth Creation strategies. Whether you dream of a comfortable retirement, funding your children’s education or simply achieving financial security, our tailored approach can help you realise your goals. Reach out today to discover how to maximise your earning potential and build a prosperous future with our expert guidance. 

Wealth Creation

Most of us want to build wealth to create a better lifestyle and look forward to a secure future. We may all want to use that wealth in different ways but the objective of building wealth remains a common one.
A wealth creation strategy structures your finances in order to maximise your earning potential.
Different wealth creation strategies may be appropriate for different individuals but there are certain basic areas that we all can consider. These are:

  • Reduction of debt

  • Maximising superannuation

  • Building opportunities outside superannuation

Debt reduction

Reducing debt can be a very tax effective investment often overlooked by many despite the obvious advantages. During periods of low returns it can be even more effective where investments struggle to outperform the interest saved on a loan. We provide advice on managing debt to achieve your financial goals.


A tax advantaged investment that allows one to save for their eventual retirement. Whilst there has been much criticism of the returns flowing from superannuation over the past few years it is essential to remember that superannuation is only a structure to hold investments, not an investment strategy itself.
It can hold direct properties and artworks through a self-managed super fund or direct shares, listed investment companies, exchange traded funds or an array of
managed funds.

The maximum rate of tax is 15% with the ability to access a pension fund with the proceeds at retirement. Sure the government impose some restrictions on access but the benefits gained for most will outweigh the negatives particularly for those closest to retirement.

Savings plans

Savings can be defined as the accumulation of money set aside for future use. When you work hard for your money, you want to get returns that reward you in order to reach your goals faster and make your money work for the future. It always seems hard to start the savings process, but time plays a big factor in the end result, so the earlier you start the better.

Planning to have children or already have children? There are ever increasing costs in raising children. Private school fees and even university fees are increasing each year, the costs are already huge and having a savings plan for your children is now becoming even more critical.


Most people gear so that they have more money working for them and can therefore accumulate wealth quicker. Interest earnt is offset against any income earnt. 

If the interest and expenses exceeds the income earnt then that amount can be deducted against other taxable income earnt in that year (known as negative gearing).

Borrowing to invest involves choosing a suitable growth investment (direct property, listed property, international shares, Australian shares or managed funds).

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