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Nouveau Wealth Management was formed in 2011 by Christopher Air, a practitioner in the financial services industry since 1989.

The company was set up to provide a high class service at a reasonable cost. We believe that our core values including trust, integrity and loyalty are critical when complemented with our personal commitment to managing client portfolios.

In order to continue to provide excellent levels of service we will:

  • deliver superior client service by providing sound advice time after time;
  • promote the core values of teamwork; mutual respect and integrity;
  • maintain a culture that recognises and rewards innovations; and;
  • deploy technology appropriately to provide enhanced and competitive services

NWM is based in Adelaide but we source information from all over the globe.

Our motto is “Tomorrow’s Financial Planning Today”

We are proud to be based in the city of Adelaide, a city that has so much to offer, important global produce such as wines, yet unlike many other cities still retains much of its natural beauty (undeveloped coastal areas and significant inner city parklands). The city itself is easy to navigate with a bustling mall yet not overwhelming nor overly cluttered allowing little lost time due to traffic congestion.

However, we are aware that this city & indeed Australia is subject to external influences to which we have little control. Like it or not what happens in Europe, ASIA & the USA impact us much more than we would like to admit. It is important when designing client portfolios that we look at the global environment & make decisions that look at how that will affect our client’s portfolios. To do otherwise would be foolhardy at best.

Our role in the current turbulent environment that we live in is to analyse events as they unfold and make calculating decisions designed to improve the wealth of our clients over the long term. We will not be lemmings following populist opinion but rather we will seek to take advantage of mispricing in the markets where we believe we can add value to client’s portfolios so long as we believe the risk level is satisfactory.

In any investment process we will not always get it right, markets move quickly & events unfold that no-one could have imagined in foresight.

We at NWM take our job seriously as we are custodians of our client’s monies, one of the most privileged positions we can take. Our aim is to manage that relationship diligently, effectively & honestly as best we can with the knowledge that we have to hand.

Our Services

We offer a range of services, clink on the links below to see the services we offer, keep up with the latest breaking financial news as well as access to your portfolio.