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Nouveau Wealth Management is proud to be a supporter of Holiday Explorers. I have personally been involved with this charitable organisation for many years and have been impressed by the dedication of their staff and their commitment to brightening up the lives of those with a disability, their families and carers.

Having attended an AGM at the Hilton I have witnessed their commitment first hand as the staff readily took on the theme for the night and the fun as the members danced on mass (not one member was left on a table) to the amazement of the band (and me). Whilst to many attending the Hilton ballroom may not seem to be that special but for many of the members of Holiday Explorers it was an experience of a lifetime.

They are an innovative provider of holidays for people with intellectual disability and respite opportunities for their families.

There are over 600 tourists with intellectual disability living in SA that are members of this service.

They travel in small groups – 5 tourists with 2 volunteer staff to destinations all over Australia. There are day, weekend, short and long term holidays to choose from.

They aim to provide new holiday experiences and holidays of a lifetime for their members and are dedicated to providing quality respite for families.

If you are able to assist in any way or would like to visit their site to find out more, clink on the following link

Holiday Explorers

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